• AP Foreign Exchange Revaluation for past transactions

    Function to revalue past foreign currency AP transactions based on the currently defined exchange rates. Current currency revaluation function only caters for outstanding transactions so workaround is to adjust via general ledger journals which doesn’t update AP ledger.

  • Real Time Time Sheets

    If Caliach develop a mobile app, could it include the facility for workers to enter time sheet information, allocated to specific jobs, in real time direct to the system rather than having to do this as a data entry exercise at the end of each week?

  • Select Default General Ledger Posting Period

    We often keep open our General Ledger beyond actual month end awaiting our accountant to come in and process the month end. At the moment any GL transactions are posted by default into the earliest open GL period – though a more recent period can be selected via the drop-down…

  • Lock General Ledger transactions for stocktake or month/year end processes

    Function in Caliach to lock General Ledger transactions (ie GL transactions, SOs, POs, WOs, updates, receipting etc) to prevent users posting to GL during stocktake or month/year end processes for current period. This option will be useful to prevent unwanted transactions and causing variances during these important processes.

  • Import utility for Caliach

    It would be useful to provide import utility or API for sales order, various GL. Great if it can give flexibility to import other data as well.

  • Client server connection to Cloud server

    As it is common for companies to host server in cloud environment such as AWS Cloud, we request for the new version of Caliach to allow good connection between client and the host sitting in the cloud environment. We tested in v5 and the speed of access is slow. As…

  • Spell Checker

    It would be most useful if the e-mails had a built-in spell checker.

  • Reports in Excel format

    Would be really useful to be able to produce (or export) Caliach reports to Excel.

  • Purchase Order Email Attachments

    It would speed things up if, when sending a purchase order by e-mail, you could add multiple attachments in one go, rather than having to select one at a time.

  • Consolidate ALL

    It would be useful in MRP if you could consolidate ALL parts, without having to do each individual part in turn.