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Work Order: Work Order List


This window lists a selection of Work Orders. It opens from the Select Work Order window after choosing from the selection options dropdown list. You can use the list to print a number of documents at the same time.

File Path

Process > Work Orders > Select a work order… (opens Select a Work Order window, Select the Show Listings button)

This file path takes you to the Work Order List window.

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Description automatically generated

Work Order List

List all WOs on file. Work Orders are automatically deleted after all assemblies ordered have been completed. Click to select, double-click to confirm and close.

TIP: If you have privileges to delete orders, right-click on the list to Delete Selected Documents. This function can save a great deal of time when cleaning the system of unwanted documents.

Work orders

Choose to print Work Order documents.

Picking Lists

Choose to print picking list documents.

After making a selection of WOs on the list, you can print them all at one time.

Compiled in Program Version 6.00. Help date last modified on 21 December 2022

Class wworkolist last modified 25 May 2022

FP: Process > Work Order > Select Work Order (opens Select a Work Order window, Select the Show Listings button)

Updated on December 21, 2022

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