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Work Orders: Work Order Details


This window is a general-purpose review window for Work Orders. It is opened if you drill down on a reference to a work order and if you click on the Show button on the Select Work Order window. This is simply a review window and no changes can be made. However, right-clicking on the Work Order Number will provide access to the Works menu for maintenance functions.

File Path

Process > Works Order > Select a Work Order…

This file path takes you to the Select a Work Order window. Once the Work Order has been selected, click the Show button and the Work Order Details window will open.

This window comprises of 4 tabs.

Document Tab

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

Work Order Number

The unique work order number

Who and When field

Who created the work order and when.

Part and Issue

Assembly part issue reference (when Work Order created).


Part description.

Order Quantity

Quantity ordered.

Balance due

Balance due still for completion.

Planned start date

Latest kitting and start date.

Completion due

Date of planned completion.


User reference for Work Order.

To be backflushed tick box

To be backflushed flag.


Comments printed on header of Works order.

User field1

User character field 1 (single character).

User field 2

User character field 2 (4 characters).

User field 3

User character field 3 (18 characters).

User field 4

User character field 4 (30 characters).

Ignored by MRP

Ignored by MRP flag.

List Kit on Printed WO

Provide component list on printed WO flag.

Kit Status Tab


Description automatically generatedKit Status List

List of kit list for the Work Order showing status. Double-click to put parts in ScratchPad

Route Operations Tab


Description automatically generatedOperation List

List of operations for the Work Order regardless of any current work completion.

Completed Operations TabA picture containing table

Description automatically generatedWork History List

A list of the operation batches logged so far. The times can be edited in the Log Performance function.

Total logged hours so far

Total time so far logged to the Work Order

Compiled in Program Version 6.00.

Class wwoshow (Work Order Details) last modified 25 May 2022 FP: Processes > Work Orders > Select a Works Order…

Updated on January 25, 2023

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